Our Sponsors and Partners

We would like to thank each of our partners and sponsors without whom this project would not be possible.

Hogere Zeevaartschool

The Antwerp Maritime Academy is the only maritime academy in Belgium and home to all ASF participants. This academy – located in the port of Antwerp – is a diversified centre of maritime knowledge, training future officers of the Merchant Fleet. The Antwerp Maritime Academy combines tradition with modern technology. Two programmes are provided: Nautical Sciences and Marine Engineering, both of which end with a one-year Master’s degree. In addition to these programmes, other training courses are also organised such as Hydrography, Commercial Yachting and other training modules. The Academy honoured us by supporting our project once again.

Compagnie Maritime Belge

CMB, Compagnie Maritime Belge, is a diversified shipping and logistics group registered in Antwerp. The company – found in 1895 – is recognised as an expert in the industry and one of the frontrunners for green shipping. Thanks to their cleantech division: CMB.TECH, who is an active developer and integrator of hydrogen solutions with the focus on engineering, hydrogen production, industry and marine applications, they bring zero-carbon projects to life. One of the resulting projects is the Hydroville. This vessel, christened in Antwerp in 2017, is the first certified passenger shuttle powered by hydrogen. The CMB ambition is to excel as the ‘best-in-class’ sustainable global shipping company and to achieve a zero-carbon emission status by 2050. Some low and zero carbon technologies are still in the early stages of their development, but CMB is convinced that the shipping industry will find solutions to provide zero carbon shipping.

Active in many branches of the maritime sector, their expertise ranges from bulk- to container transport, as well as crew transfer and even in the Real Estate area with MCA (Maritime Campus Antwerp). MCA is a “do” campus and community where business, technology and knowledge are linked to strengthen and develop the maritime sector. The aim of MCA is to connect entrepreneurs who develop sustainable and water-related businesses.

ASF thanks them for their support in our project and their dedication for a green future.

Port of Antwerp

This is the second largest seaport in Europe, after Rotterdam, with a surface area equivalent to almost 24,000 football pitches. The port is home to almost 900 companies, making it Belgium’s biggest economic engine. No less than 145,000 people work directly or indirectly for the port. With the aim of becoming the most sustainable port in Europe, including achieving climate neutrality, the port of Antwerp is firmly focused on a green future. To achieve this, the port is promoting transport by rail and pipeline, but is also investing in the circular economy and the energy transition. In a few years’ time, the port would like to be able to offer all ships docking to use electricity from the quay. This will enable ships to turn off their engines, thereby reducing pollution linked to emissions (NOx, SOx and fine particles).


Water-rAnt gathers hundreds of authentic ships from Antwerp, the Port of Antwerp and the Scheldt Delta. Their mission is to make the water heritage of yesterday, today and tomorrow better known by organising events, promoting water heritage initiatives…
As in the previous edition, water-rAnt give us the privilege of supporting our project once again by offering us their expertise for the organisation of the departure and arrival of our fleet.

Federal Public Service Public Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment

In addition to being one of our partners, the FPS Public Health is a public service in charge of areas such as public health and the safety of the food chain, but is also responsible for federal competences in the fields of environment and animal and plant health.

The Marine Environment Service is constantly looking for specific solutions to environmental problems and threats to the marine ecosystem. If you want to learn more about the different actions taken to preserve the biodiversity of the North Sea, make sure to visit their website.