ASF 2021

The 2021 edition once again will see 18 students from the maritime academy embark onto a voyage on the North Sea. Nine French speaking and nine Dutch speaking students will sail a fleet of 3 traditional sailing ships. During this voyage, each ship will have 3 watchkeeping teams, consisting of one dutch speaking and one French speaking student, rotating watches of 4 hours each.

The watchkeeping team will be in charge during their watch, under the guidance of professional mariners. This does not only entail the steering of the vessel, but also determining and plotting the position,  adjusting the sails, filling in the logbook, communicating via  VHF-radio and last but certainly not least important, maintaining a proper lookout.

The teams that aren’t on duty have a chance to catch up on some sleep, cook meals, practice using the sextant, watching the sunrise or just a chance to bond and share some sea tales.

We’re once again looking to get the fleet into ports where the students can go visit other maritime academies, or to go into a port with an important maritime history. This edition we also will put part of the focus on ecology. 

The core of our project can be illustrated the following way:

  • Teamwork:
    ASF is and has always been run by and for students. Teamwork is an essential component of this project. Whether at sea, keeping watch on deck or cooking below, or ashore, preparing the project. Students from the French and Dutch speaking section of the Antwerp Maritime Academy are mixed on board. We learn from each other by doing, by being active and taking initiatives in a collective effort.
  • Nautical skills:
    By organising a voyage at sea, we provide students with an opportunity to put theory into practice. We practice skills such as voyage planning, watchkeeping, chartwork, and coastal navigation. We believe that a thorough knowledge of traditional means of navigation is necessary to face future evolutions, and want to contribute to the proficiency of the future officers of the merchant marine.
  • Ecology:
    Ecology has become a global challenge, and the maritime industry plays a key role in it. ASF wants to take part in raising awareness for the topic of maritime ecology among students and the greater public alike. The next voyage and its preparation will be focused on this subject.

“To promote careers at sea, to make nautical sciences known to a wide public, this is the objective we want to achieve.”