Departure Time!!!

The whole team consisting of Jjoachim Bsn, Samuel van Stratum, Emiel Joye, Lucca Waes, Flor Anoa, Milan Denys, Sami Tavakoli, Gust Sabbe, Mare Dekeersmaeker, Henri Van Dael, Bastien Koubi, Titouan Dumont and Tabitha Van de Weyer is ready to set sail!
This is it, in a few days, we will take our quarters on board the T/S Rupel and STV Patricia for a 3 weeks long adventure. We can’t wait !!!!!!!!
Our departure will be from the Droogdokkensite (Droogdokkenweg 4, 2030 Antwerpen) on Sunday 12th at around 9.30 am.
Don’t hesitate to say hello to us, it’s always a pleasure!

In addition, after our departure, the Open Monumentendag will take place, a great opportunity to visit historic ships or the MAS restoration workshop. You will also be able to see the world’s largest hospital ship passing by the MAS (Museum aan de Stroom) at around 1.15 pm.

For more information on the Open Monumentendag:  

For more information on the arrival of the hospital ship:

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