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Antwerp Student Fleet was born in 2017. A group of students had the idea to charter three traditional sailing vessels, to allow students of the Antwerp Maritime Academy to put the theory learnt at school into practice. And so they did! A three-weeks voyage led 18 students from Antwerp to Peterhead, Scotland, and then to Lowestoft, England, in September 2018. During the voyage, they learnt how to handle a ship as a team, and visits at other maritime schools in ports of call made them discover a different perspective on the maritime sector. It was a great success!

Antwerp Student Fleet is currently working on organising a second edition of the project. You will find all information on our goals on this website or on:…..

For more information about the voyage organised in 2018, see….

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ASF maiden voyage

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Our goals/ambition/what defines us/the identity of ASF (can’t find a nice word…)

  • Teamwork:
    • ASF is and has always been run by and for students. Teamwork is an essential component of this project. Whether at sea, keeping watch on deck or cooking below, or ashore, preparing the project. We learn from each other by doing, by being active and taking initiatives in a collective effort.
  • Nautical skills:
    • By organising a voyage at sea, we provide students with an opportunity to put theory into practice. We practice skills such as voyage planning, watchkeeping, chartwork, and coastal navigation. We believe that a thorough knowledge of traditional means of navigation is necessary to face future evolutions, and want to contribute to the proficiency of the future officers of the merchant marine.
  • Ecology:

Ecology has become a global challenge, and the maritime industry plays a key role in it. ASF wants to take part in raising awareness for the topic of maritime ecology among students and the greater public alike. The next voyage and its preparation will be focussed on this subject.

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